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With healthcare’s massive influx of self-pay accounts, patient responsibility is at an all-time high. High deductible health plans (HDHPs) abound and old processes for patient collections have become obsolete.

Nsure’s Self-Pay Analyzer determines which patients are most likely to pay and pinpoints those who qualify for a hardship discount or Medicaid. Through our comprehensive, data-driven review of self-pay accounts, providers and billing companies are able to:


Providers using our self-pay analyzer are able to identify patient payment likelihood. We provide monthly income, household size, federal poverty level percentage, credit score, available credit, employment, current collections and more.

How It Works

Self-Pay Analyzer software interrogates multiple data sources seeking coverage for your self-pay patients. Insurance verification experts at Nsure use the latest mapping logic for more than 2,000 payors, clearinghouse databases and direct connections infrastructure to find more active coverage, including commercial sources.

The Results

Nsure examines claims and clearinghouses at multiple levels to uncover every possible payor source. At one client location, Nsure identified insurance coverage for 16 percent of all patients and more than $800,000 in coverage for patients who originally presented as self-pay.