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Verifying eligibility is the first step for healthy receivables across most healthcare specialties. Whether in real time or batch processing, your ability to access details regarding coverage by service type, co-pays, deductibles, and benefits empowers better reimbursement for all patient populations and payment methodologies.

With Insurance Verifier from Nsure, insurance eligibility is verified quickly, efficiently and at less cost than traditional methods. Our customers discover valuable and cost-effective benefits:


Providers using our insurance verifier no longer have to use multiple payer websites to check eligibility. By running eligibility during the pre-billing process, our providers experience higher clean-claim rates.

How It Works

Insurance Discovery software interrogates multiple data sources seeking coverage for your self-pay patients. Insurance verification experts at Nsure use the latest mapping logic for more than 2,000 payors, clearinghouse databases and direct connections infrastructure to find more active coverage, including commercial sources.

The Results

Our customers report reduced cost of claims, improved statement delivery and accelerated payments—including self-pay. Demographic Verifier helps ensure you send the right patient bills to the correct address, at the right time.