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The primary reason for denied claims and failed insurance eligibility is faulty patient demographic data. Healthy healthcare revenue begins with correct demographics and verified insurance coverage.

With Nsure’s Demographic Verifier, you obtain complete and accurate patient information from day one. For every patient, every claim—every time. The results of gaining timely access to correct patient demographics via Nsure are impressive.


By using our software during the time of pre-billing, our providers reduce their denials and rejections from payers caused by mis documented information. Also, by accessing better addresses, our providers reduce their returned mail by an average of 60%.

How It Works

Nsure uses expansive consumer databases to enrich demographic attributes including name, address, DOB and SSN. We provide prompt, front-end services to verify patient information—assuring clean patient demographic data for the most positive reimbursement impact possible.

The Results

Our customers report reduced cost of claims, improved statement delivery and accelerated payments—including self-pay. Demographic Verifier helps ensure you send the right patient bills to the correct address, at the right time.