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With rising deductibles, it has become more difficult than ever for providers with relatively small charges to get reimbursed directly from insurance. The reason being, with the average deductible now exceeding $3,000, if your the first to bill that patient the claim will end up in self-pay. In this case, being first is not always being best. 

With Nsure’s deductible hold management, you receive the deductible information on about 80% of the patient’s you check. If the patients’ deductible has been met, you may bill the claim immediately. If not, you may hold the claim and receive an automated alert the moment the patients’ deductible is met by another provider billing their insurance. 


By using our deductible hold management feature, our providers hold roughly half their commercial claims increasing their collection per claim by an average of $597. With the average self-pay rate at a mere 18%, providers are waiting for full reimbursement rather than billing too soon and risking no payment at all. 

How It Works

During insurance verification, deductible management software interrogates multiple data sources seeking deductibles for patients. Insurance verification experts at Nsure use the latest mapping logic for more than 2,000 payors, clearinghouse databases, and direct connections infrastructure in order to instantly locate the deductible and recommend a hold if the deductible has not yet been met. 

The Results

Our providers collect an average of $597 more per claim held with our technology. Only 48% of deductibles that we identify end up being held for 15-90 days, depending on the timely filing of each specific payer, and if the deductible had already been satisfied. In summary, $597 more per claim on 48% of your commercial claims will immediately increase your bottom line.